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We still have tickets left to sell and some of you have asked about paying at the door. So we will be accepting registrations at the venue.  Please note – once these are gone, they are gone. Then registration will be closed.

So don’t miss out on

  • a cool t-shirt
  • WordPress related swag
  • the after party to be held at Club Afrique International in the NetOne Building

See you there!

Alternative Payment Method

Good news, Harare! We noticed that some people have been having problems registering on the website. So we have been authorized to offer another option.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can make a deposit of $6.00 into our FBC bank account, and then we will send you a unique single-use coupon code after you have done that.

Just fill out a MasterCard PREPAID DEPOSIT SLIP at FBC Bank and enter the following details:

Prepaid Card Number: 5333 0300 1006 8702
Card Holder’s Cell Number: 0772 771949

Then send an email to with the proof of deposit.

It’s as simple as that! No more excuses to miss out. Get your ticket today!

We’ve noticed that some of you are failing to purchase your WordCamp tickets. The purchasing process is handled through PayPal so, if you don’t already have a PayPal account, you should be prompted to create one. Creating an account is very simple – just fill out the short form with your card details and you’re done! If you don’t have a card, apparently Ecocash have a virtual card you can get for 50 cents.

We talked to one of the attendees, Beaton Mabaso, and he advised us not to use the Opera Mini browser because it won’t complete the transaction. He recommends using a desktop or laptop instead.

Don’t miss out on WordCamp Harare 2016! For $6.00, the best bargain all year!

What Makes Me, ‘Me’?

image taken from

Nigel Rodgers is a budding WordPress developer. He’ll be speaking at WordCamp Harare.

November is the busiest month of the year. With exams, holiday deadlines and year-end reports it’s easy to get lost in all the activity. But while you take stock of the state of your organisation, it’s important to take a look at yourself too. Personal reconciliation is an important part of growing into a better person. I reflect a lot in my diary, and I even refer back to entries from years ago. I’m often struck by how unrecognizable the old me is. I have multiple past, present and future selves that are a combination of mood, character, personality, and experiences among other factors. Continue reading What Makes Me, ‘Me’?

Open Source Empowering Africa

Job Thomas is Education Vanguard at Automattic, a role focusing on training for both customers and members of the WooCommerce team. He’ll be speaking at WordCamp Harare.

At the CMS Africa Summit in Nairobi two years ago, several of the talks focused on one important thing: the importance of open source for the empowerment of Africa. I couldn’t agree more. Open source software removes several hindrances for becoming successful, the biggest probably being that large startup costs are no longer necessary. Open Source Content Management Systems, with WordPress being the biggest, allow entrepreneurs to start their own website at nothing but the hosting cost. Continue reading Open Source Empowering Africa